Employer Mortgage Programs

At My Mortgage, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to own their dream home - and now, thanks to Omporium from My Mortgage, there's more opportunities than ever.

Employee Benefits

Employees of companies offering Omporium Home Financing Benefits can receive assistance not only to qualify for a mortgage but also lump-sum payment of a qualifying down-payment for the purcahse of a new home!


Have you ever felt like homeownership is always just out of reach? Well thanks to Omporium Home Financing Benefits from My Mortgage, Inc., there are more opportunities than ever before.

Employer Advantages

Today's workers are competitive. Employers who partner with Omporium from My Mortgage can offer their employees unique, new home-buying benefits. You'll be even better equipped to attract new talent - and retain the talent you have.

Want to know more?

Need more details? Please check our full documentation for detailed information on how to add Omporium to your company’s existing benefits programs.

Why Omporium?

Big changes are on the way in the world of home financing.

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